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Our 2 cents on becoming financially savvy

19 May 2021
Level 1 | 4 min read

Cash Flow Management: NET Terms, Cash Flow Gaps & Efficient Business Models

In order to drive growth in your company, you’re going to need to be smart with your cash. Managing peaks and valleys wi...

04 May 2021
Level 1 | 5 min read

It's All About The Cash: Balance, Runway & Cliffhangers

Cash is King (or Queen). However, it’s one thing to have cash in your bank, but it’s another to know how to manage it, w...

19 Apr 2021
Level 1 | 3 min read

What is Cash Flow? Revenue vs. Profit vs. Cash Flow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any company, but what exactly is it? You've heard different terms thrown around but let us...

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